Vuelta a casa

5 05 2010

Estoy planeando mi gran aventura hasta la fecha. Volver de China a casa en bicicleta.

Por ahora este es el planing, ire actualizandolo según vaya viendo…


Cycling Tibet (sichuan, Yunnan)

29 03 2010

Hey everybody! Thinking about cycling Tibet? You may like to have a look to the trip I made with my friend in Sichuan and Yunnan provinces . We planned to go from Chengdu to Kunming.

Season: We went in the autumn-winter season during October-November.  During the night we had subzero temperatures around -15ºC  so yeah, but once the sun comes out it gets pretty warm (usually around 10-15ºC below zero). We had blue sky the whole trip unless the first day it was snowing. If you plan to go during July-September you may find many rainy days. Full guide after the jump.

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8 12 2009

In this site I will post the DIY projects I’ve been working around.

Android programs:

Chinese learning tools:

– Chinese radicals Flashcards: application to learn and test your radical knowledge

– Hanzi Flashcards: Learn chinese vocabulary in 40 units

Cycling routes:

– Cycling Tibet (Sichuan and Yunnan provinces)

Make a 700 lumens white LED power waterproof diving torch.

Make your Arcade Joystick

Build your own Arcade Machine

IO-Bridge projects

– Temp control

– Luminosity sensor